• Empty Space Chiang Mai

    Empty Space Chiang Mai will offer handmade ceramic workshop to kids! Kids will have fun with creating patterns and sculpturing their own ceramic wares using natural clays which give various colors.

    Lampang Studio

    Lampang Studio binds notebooks and kid's storybooks from patching the printed pictures and old cloths. Its artist will be joining Thailand International Balloon Festival 2018 and operate handmade notebook for children.

    Punrak Café Healthy & Board game - Organic Farm

    Products from Pun Rak are created of love for values, diversity, and beauty that nature, life, people, and the surrounding objects own. Therefore, the artists want to pass on their products to those people in return. Pun Rak makes accessories from used materials, to convey the message that beauty can be made from the scraps. Pun Rak Café opens workshop and give instruction of how to make accessories from cloths.

    Kru Sit

    Kru Sit will exhibit his painting collection "Soil, Ash, and Coffee Grounds", and organize a workshop of painting using soil and coffee grounds for kids. It will be definitely the fun workshop to experiment new painting technique!

    Happy Field Homeschool

    Happy Field Homeschool will bring variety of cute rubber stampers and fancy erasers. Kids will be learning how to make their own rubber stampers as well. They can create any shape that they want!

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