At a young age, Fon or Valaipan Chupan developed a passion for art. She pursued her passion by studying at the Faculty of Decorative Arts at Silpakorn University, where she majored in Jewelry Design. The drive that Fon is in her jewelry reflected in her designs and leaves her customers filled with emotions. Individuals can find her jewelry at her store FLOW, where they specialize in unique and handcrafted, durable accessories; they have two locations (1) Terminal 21, Bangkok (2) Soi 11 of Nimmanhaemin road, Chiang Mai.

    “When Aom (the festival owner of Thailand International Balloon Festival) saw my work, she told me that she was looking for ‘pieces of art that not only function for what their original purpose, but the ones that create emotion; FLOW fit this criterion.’”




    “Jewelry and accessories will look graceful on the body. As well as these tea sets, the user will feel and experience once they use.”


    Engineer turned floral artist SAKUL INTAKUL is well-known for conveying spiritual ideas through sculptural plant installations. With a portfolio that includes royal commissions for the Queen of Thailand and property-wide floral conceptual design for Bvlgari Hotels and Resorts, Bali, Sakul’s work possesses a distinctive line, texture and sculptural quality. The author of several books on floral art and a regular magazine columnist (on florally inclined topics), Sakul also lends his talents to product design. His coffee-table book on flower design, Tropical Color: the Art of Living with Tropical Flowers, is an international bestseller.

  • By A – Chareonrat Jarupongsa of Chatchompoo

    Show Case: Ikebana

     Ikebana is Japanese-style flower arrangement. The word combines ikeru (生ける, "keep alive, arrange flowers, living") and hana (, "flower") together. The style is simple, elegant, and very serene, which related to the lifestyle of Japanese people in the old days. It is the excellent way of meditating, and relaxing.

    On the second day of Thailand International Balloon Festival, there will be ‘Ikebana’ flower arrangement show case Chareonrat Jarupongsa, who owns flower shop named Chatchompoo. His flower works has been presented in many magazines: Kwanruen, Sakulthai, Handicraft, WE, and Wedding. If you want to avoid the crowd in the festival area and seek for the oasis of serenity, this show case is the must for you!


    ** This session is free of charge! **

    Date: March 3, 2018

    Time: 2PM – 5PM


    Modern Flower Design and Arrangement Workshop


    When Ormkwan was a child, she watched her mother arrange flowers into a vase for her father to paint; this fond memory has stuck with her to this day. At the age of 16, Ormkwan told her mother that she wanted to set up a flower stall in the neighboring area, which was located near an art gallery. This experience brought Ormkwan much joy and encouraged her to pursue a career as a florist.

    Luckily, her journey with flowers didn’t end with her childhood. Ormkwan went to art school in London, England. There, she learned about their culture and how they frequently give flowers to friends and significant others. In addition to this cultural awareness, one of her friends introduced her to a florist, whose shop was in Notting Hill, and suggested that she should work there. Ormkwan loved the excitement of being a florist at this shop for two years, so much that she pursued this as a career. She went on to work at another reputable flower shop, “Wild at Heart.” After working there for nearly 5 years, she gained confidence and skills by designing arrangements for celebrity clients.

    Recently, Ormkwan wrote a book called Flower Design. In Ormkwan’s book, Flower Design, she has documented her experiences and skills in flower designing and


    Workshop Fee: 5,000 THB/ person

    Date: March 4

    Time: 2.00 PM – 5.00 PM

    Book now! Dial 098-5495956 (Treethida Intharawongchot)


    Chef Som and Chef Preaw are sisters who share a mutual interest in cooking. In addition to cooking, Chef Som is the world's only pageant crown chef as she won Miss Thailand World in 1990. These sisters are alumnae of Le Cordon Bleu, and specialize in cooking desserts. Their mission is to maintain traditional Thai desserts, and familiarize Thai people of these desserts. They tailor these recipes to the modern-day taste by making them less sweet, creating new designs, and packing in the luxurious packages. This revamping of desserts has been a success, as these decadences have been enjoyed by consumers and have received attention from the public eye. These chefs have opened their own shop, “Ban Som Kanom Suay,” as an easier way to taste their twist on traditional Thai desserts. If you are interested in learning how to make these desserts, these sisters will love to teach you in their beginner courses for Thai Dessert Cooking.

  • Bee & Rose Cafe



    Thailand International Balloon Festival wants their participants to have the opportunity to enjoy unique experiences that would not usually be available daily to them. Participants will learn how to arrange flowers in the traditional Thai style, while sipping organic rose tea. For this workshop, you will not only get the knowledge how to arrange the flower, but a unique present designed by FLOW designer, Fon (napkin ring and tea strainer) and organic rose tea from BEE & ROSE CAFÉ. This workshop is definitely unforgettable once in a lifetime experience!

    Bee & Rose Café specializes in fresh rose tea. Originally, their organic roses came from England. It is truly a special opportunity for the attendees of this year’s Thailand International Balloon Festival to enjoy a cup of aromatic rose tea.

    This café aims their organic rose tea at the health fanatics. In addition to the fragrant smell of the rose, the rose in the tea provides numerous health benefits and will refresh their guests.




    Price: 19,000 THB/ person (only available for 15 people)

    Date: March 2, 2:00PM – 5:00PM

    Make a reservation now! Dial 098-549-5956 (Treethida Intharawongchot)

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