• Dog House

    Dog House is all American food by American Chef. Their food truck has been attending corporate events and big festivals. Dog House truck has been running in Thailand over 5 years, and will be participating in Thailand International Balloon Festival as well. They will serve American dishes, such as the BBQ pulled pork, Philly Cheese Steak, Vegetable Beast, Avocado Taco, and so on! Make sure to try this authentic American food truck!

    Kyoto Soft

    Get an early taste of summer with refreshing Japanese style soft cream by Kyoto Soft. They offer both Charcoal and Matcha Green Tea flavors. If you can’t choose between the two, that’s okay! Kyoto Soft provides their customers with their special Two-Tone in One Cone option. It’s only in Chiang Mai so make sure to try it out!

    Midee Midi

    What can be better than having ice cream on the warm festival days! Midee Midi would make you scream for their ice cream. It is homemade, using fresh fruits blended with milk. Their ice cream tastes just like eating the real fruit, and has the creamy texture to it. Want a scoop? Go get one at Midee Midi!

    Padthai Mustachestyle

    Padthai​ Mustachestyle serves padthai with shrimps, padthai rolled in omelet, fried noodles with soy sauce, fried rice, and omelet. The name of the food truck comes from distinctive feature ‘mustache’ of its cook. If you’re craving freshly cooked padthai, try notice his mustache, and you’ll know that they’re there!

    Yeokchon Chicken

    안녕하세요! K-Fans should not miss Yeokchon Chicken. They load all kinds of fried chicken and Korean dishes on their tiny truck. For example, Tak-Kang-Jeong (Boneless Chicken), Yangneyom Chicken, Kimchi, and Tteok-bokki. These dishes are also cooked with the best ingredients imported from South Korea!

    Cha Lee La

    Cha Lee La is a well-known tea truck from the Three Kings Monument area that offers Thai tea, green tea, and milk tea. They also just recently added rose tea with milk and honey to the menu. If you love tea, this Chaleela is the place for you!

    Tang Nom

    Tang Nom provides their customers with whole milk that can be warmed, iced, or blended depending on your preference. You can also choose from an assortment of delicious milk toppings, as well as pair it with a side of warm toast.


    This food truck serves you Thai style, sour, and spicy salad. They provides various ingredients which you can choose for your salad.

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