• Yanee Buasai (Joy)

    Accha Authentic Indian Cuisine


    Accha Indian Cuisine is an authentic Punjab Indian restaurant owned by a couple with both Thai and Indian roots. The silverware and dishes have an Indian-style elegance that enriches the overall theme of the restaurant. Accha serves Punjab Indian food - a style of cuisine in the northern states of India and is famous for their delicious gravy that contains red onions and tomatoes, cooked both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Accha’s experienced chef prepares a variety of six rotating side dishes that are hard to find in regular Indian restaurants.


    When Accha’s owner Khun Yanee Buasai – or Khun Joy – was invited to be a part of the 10th Thailand International Balloon Festival, she devoted herself to creating an Indian palace experience. She imported new sets of silverware from India, gathered Indian costumes with full sets of accessories for her guests, and booked a Henna painting service for the event. She will be serving the southern Indian dish “Dosa” and other signature dishes such as freshly grilled Tikka with Basmati Rice cooked with cardamom and clove for guests to enjoy.


    At the festival, Accha guests will be able to appreciate the beauty of Sari, enjoy the scent of magical seasoning and spices, and experience original Indian dishes in an atmosphere rich with Indian culture.


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  • Rustic & Blue Hand grown Produce & Artisan Food

    Rustic and Blue is a charming little farmhouse restaurant on Soi 7 of Nimmanheemin road. Owners Aphiradee Timsuren or Meen, and Chef Haneef Pitayasa have established a relaxing garden oasis hidden right among the dense, busy city of Chiang Mai. The restaurant serves delicious, unique dishes such as Fried Chicken and Waffle, as well as expertly prepared raw food, and even a selection of breakfast foods.


    “Meen and I have been experimenting food concepts since we opened our restaurant. I wanted to make it unique, and by that, I mean not to make it too delicate or too neat. I don’t want Rustic & Blue to be like those luxurious restaurants where they have fine dining - where people, including myself, couldn’t really get into it. Meen and I both eat easily cooked food, like pan-fried pork with basil leaves, or just fried rice. These are food that we live by.”


    “Only a few chefs discover and mix ingredients like I do, so I thought that this is a strength of Rustic & Blue. I really want everyone to try our food at least once.”


    Rustic & Blue often organizes events and pop-up dinners which guests absolutely adore, so when they were offered an initiation to the Thailand International Balloon Festival 2018, they immediately accepted.


    “I like to join in every event. I think that every part of it is new to me, and I will definitely learn from it. The concept of TIBF is ‘New Experience,’ so I want people to see and experience my unique food.”


    Facebook: Rustic & Blue - Handgrown Produce & Artisan Food

  • Food for you by Chef TuTu


    Before standing in front of the cooking station, Chef Tutu was working as a flight attendant. He travelled and lived aboard for the majority of that time, where there was limited access to ingredients and cooking tools. Although, he lacked some of the cooking essentials while he was abroad, his longed passion for cooking allowed him to come up with innovative ways for creating masterpieces in the kitchen. This mindset has carried with him to his restaurant, “Food for You,” and allows him to create new dishes, regardless of whatever style of food he is making.

    At this year’s Thailand International Ballon Festival, he will be serving pork ribs with gravy, served with mashed potatoes, crispy duck and a special honey sauce, with thinly sliced ginger as the side dish, and other mouthwatering dishes that are made special for the festival attendees.

     Pla Haeng Tang Mo (Watermelon with fried dried Fish)

    Crispy Duck with special Honey Sauce

  • The Ironwood

    We serve "Slow-Food"

    “How long have the fast food been around and ruin our public wellness? At The Ironwood we serve "slow-food" that all ingredients are grown and cook by heart.”

    The Ironwood is located in Maerim, Chiang Mai. It is decorated with the contemporary French style, yet serves Thai food. One of the strong points that Ironwood has included their beautiful decoration in every dish. It can be seen that all the dishes are delicately sprinkled with edible flowers. At Thailand International Balloon Festival 2018, be sure to try out Ironwood’s colorfully appetizing food, for example, fried tofu with salt and chili, Panaeng curry with lamb, and rose-lychee juice.

  • Chiang Mai Smoke House

    The first smoke house in Thailand is here! Chiang Mai Smoke House aims to make the finest and healthiest smoked meats in Thailand. They use only the finest GMP & HAACP certified products, which contain no MSG and low sodium. You will surely find variety of smoked meats and get stuffed at their house!




  • Cuisine de Garden

    Chef Nan - Leelawat Mankongtiphan invites you to his flavorful garden bloomed with creativities. His artworks on the plates aim to recreate the beauty of nature.

    Chef Nan’s signature dishes are product from the combination between French cooking techniques and Thai wisdom with a dash of modern gastronomy. He sources quality ingredients from the Royal Project farms and local producers for his exciting dishes.

    His food also tells a story of his roots in Chiang Mai, where he planted the first Cuisine de Garden and groomed his culinary experiences.

    Chef Nan has received a lot of medals from international competitions. With that gifts and skills in cooking, he and his team are now planting their second garden in Bangkok for you to explore.

  • โมโหหิว Mo-Ho-Hue

    Mo-Ho-Hue is a restaurant whose name literally means “madly hungry.” It serves homemade Northern Thai food, for example, Nam Prik Num (green chili dip), Sai Aua (spicy sausage), Laap (minced pork salad), and Cap Moo (deep fried pork skin). Traditionally, these dishes are usually ate with the sticky rice, and taste well together. If you want to get the checkpoint for trying northern Thai food, Mo-Ho-Hue won’t let you down!


  • KCG by Chef Tor and Friends

    KCG Corporation started its business in Thailand since 1958. Initially established as Kim Chua Trading Ltd., Partnership, KCG focused on importing and retailing food products such as butter, chesse, and canned goods. The business also includes bakery ingredients, biscuits, dairy products, frozen products, meat and seafood products, grocery products, and equipment and bakeware.
    Especially for Thailand International Balloon Festival 2018, Chef Tor and his friends from KCG will be cooking fusion Mexican food for us all!

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